Dentist North Wilkesboro Required Documents
We are currently updating our documents; please contact our office to update your paperwork.
These forms are important for clinical care, scheduling, and insurance billing.  At your first appointment time is reserved for review of patient policies, paperwork, dental x-rays, and consultation with the dentist.  A broken first appointment may affect your ability to be seen in our clinic.
2 forms of identification
Insurance card/proof of income
Medication list
A note authorizing treatment from doctor(if needed; see FAQs)
Doctors names and phone numbers
Guardianship Forms for children
**If your insurance has not been pre-verified, you will be instructed to bring a deposit for your initial treatment.**
Check-up Forms: please see our front desk staff to obtain these forms.  We are currently in the process of updating our website.
Please note, a copy of our privacy policy is available on this website. Click on the link above labeled "Privacy Policy."
Our office fax number is (336) 903-0464.